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Direct exchange (DX) procedures for AFRTS PowerVu equipment

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Technical Help


Our technologist staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call the AFN Broadcast Center Help Desk in California at DSN 312 348-1339 or Commercial 951-413-2339.


AFN-BC technologists can also be reached via email at  Please have your TID and UA numbers from the back of the decoder available when you phone.


How to activate a decoder


Visit “” and follow the "authorize decoder" path through to submission. Please leave your decoder turned on for at least 1 hour. It takes at least that long to authorize your decoder.


AFRTS decoders must be reactivated every 3 years, or at the start of an assignment in a different post.


When requesting service please make sure your decoder is still authorized, if your authorization period is over 3 years, your decoder may be shut off.


What are the repair procedures for decoders from Navy Ships and Fleet Support Detachments?


Navy personnel will contact the nearest FSD when they have a defective decoder. The FSD will do a one-for-one exchange taking the broken decoder and replacing it with a working one.  The FSD then requests an RMA number from   T-ASA to return the broken decoder to Scientific Atlanta for repair. The FSD will ship the decoder directly to Scientific Atlanta. Finally, Scientific Atlanta will send the repaired unit back to the Naval Media Center.


Remote Controls


T-ASA or Scientific Atlanta do not repair remote controls, a universal remote control can be purchased at any BX / PX.


You may also purchase a replacement from Scientific Atlanta Sales at:  416-299-6888.


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