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T-ASA designs and installs Satellite Receiving Systems in support of the American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) satellite network and the AFRTS Direct to Sailor (DTS) network. T-ASA will perform a link budget analysis and provide the appropriate technical specifications for dish size, frequency band, LNB, and decoder model. T-ASA can procure these systems, and for larger complex systems, perform installations. In order to receive the AFRTS signal, you must be an authorized overseas customer. Please contact the American Forces Information Service (AFIS) in Alexandria, VA for authorization. Tel. Comm. (703) 428-0245, DSN: 328-0245.
Other Satellite receiving systems include distance learning, downlink for Commanderís Access Channel, News Channel downlink, SCOLA and other foreign language channels. Please contact us today to arrange a link-budget analysis.
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