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T-ASA’s Combat Camera Program Manager (PM) is the "direct link" to T-ASA for Joint Combat Camera units, the Joint Combat Camera Center (JCCC), and MILDEP Combat Camera units.

Point of Contact:

Phone Number: (951) 413-2538 DSN 348-1538
FAX: (951) 413-2587 DSN 348-2587
E-mail address:
Combat Camera

This PM coordinates and directs T-ASA acquisition support for the Joint Combat Camera Program Manager at American Forces Information Service/Defense Visual Information (DVI), the JCCC, and Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps ComCam units.

Direct-cite (DD Form 448-Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request) funded requirements and MILSTRIP requisitions can be coordinated through T-ASA’s ComCam PM prior to submission.

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