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Welcome to the Television-Audio Support Activity! (T-ASA) Engineering & Technical Services Home Page.

T-ASA provides a full range of military Broadcast and Visual Information Engineering and Technical Services to the Department of Defense (DOD) and Military Service customers.
Engineering and technical assistance is normally provided as a customer service in conjunction with a funded  customer project. However, we do rely on customer  funding for per diem, travel and incidental costs for  team deployment in support of a project. Technical services can range from telephone consultations to complete facility and systems design, including  professional installation of systems worldwide. Our resident expertise and past experience with DOD customers  ensures that our customers receive timely, cost effective  technical assistance that incorporates state-of-the-art  technology.

Point of Contact:

Tel. (951) 413-2430  DSN: 348-1430
Fax (951) 413-2587 DSN: 348-1587
E-mail: Tasa Field Eng

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