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DLAI 4140.55/AR 735-11-2/SECNAVINST 4355.18A/AFJMAN 23-215/, [formerly Report of Discrepancy (ROD)], Reporting of Supply (issue/packaging) Discrepancies. Used when discrepancies are attributable to the issuing activity. SDRs will be submitted for discrepant shipments from contractors/manufacturers or vendors regardless of dollar value. In addition, a point of contact, telephone number, and fax number should be provided to assist in timely resolution. Requests for reconsideration/reevaluation of DLA's final reply should be forwarded to the military service focal point for assistance. When DLA has replied to an SDR indicating a financial adjustment is authorized, follow-ups will be submitted using MILLSBILLS Document Identifier Code FAE and Advice Code 26 after 60 days have elapsed from SDR notification receipt.

SDRs can be submitted when T-ASA is the issuing activity for (but are not limited) to the following reasons:

* Material Non-receipt - If material was shipped by traceable means, T-ASA will provide GBL, registered or certified numbers, and DLA transportation information received from the Port of Embarkation (POE).

*Unusable - If material is received damaged, take photographs of damage and retain container, if possible. If material is unusable due to inherent problems, we will negotiate with the vendor and /or manufacturer. Solutions may involve returning material to T-ASA, instructions are on-site fix, warranty repair, or direct exchange.

* Wrong Material - If customer error, you will have to reorder. If other than customer error, we will forward disposition instructions to you. This may include return of material and a request for billing adjustmeot, or direct exchange.

The referenced regulatia]uerning "Reporting Supply discrepancies" are located at

SDRs can be submitted to T-ASA wia Standard Form ߗz mail, e-mail, letter andFAX, to the following addresses:

The Standard R,54 is available in PDF forMat.

Adobe PDF - This 򵈷ߘby appear to have no text When viewed in the Acrobat Reader, but will print out fine.

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Commander, T-ASA
ATTN: Supply Discrepancy Report
1363 Z Street, Bldg 2730
March ARB, CA 92518

SDR Program Manager:

PHONE (951) 413-2661  DSN 348-1661
FAX (951) 413-2463  DSN 348-1463