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Welcome to the T-ASA Logistics Home Page.

We manage the supply system and provide the coordination that tracks customer requirements through our engineering, procurement, receipt, storage, and shipment processes, insuring timely delivery of our products and customer satisfaction.

We support our customers with initial equipment/system acquisition, equipment life cycle management, equipment interoperability, and reutilization. We operate in both the Military Standard System (MILS) and an off-line, T-ASA unique supply system. We process standard military requisitions utilizing Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP); or we can procure entire systems through a direct cite Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR). We provide a full line of customer support services that include: equipment cataloging, receipt, warehousing, shipping, reconciliation, and redistribution.

Point of Contact:

Chief, Logistics Mgmt Division
Tel. (951) 413-2661  DSN 348-1661
FAX (951) 413-2587  DSN 348-1587


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