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The Reutilization Program is a DoD mandated and regulated program that was implemented at T-ASA in 1975. DoD 5120.20R (Chapter 9) and AR 25-1 are the governing regulations for this program. This program applies to non-standard visual information/broadcast equipment in the customerís Area of Responsibility (AOR) which has been determined to be excess to the requirements of that activity. T-ASAís Reutilization Program identifies and redistributes millons of dollars worth of serviceable equipment annually.

This program consists of two separate but integrated functions:

Reporting Excess Equipment: The customer who has the equipment informs T-ASA itís available. The excess equipment must be condition code A or B. The losing unit must at a minimum provide the following information: noun/nomenclature, NSN/MCN or part number, manufacturer, unit of issue (UI), quantity (QTY), condition code (CC), unit price and a brief description which will assist in item identification.

Redistribution of Excess Equipment: Excess equipment is redistributed on a first come - first served basis. T-ASA will advertise the excess equipment for a period not to exceed 30 days. T-ASA locates a customer who has a valid requirement for the excess equipment and provides shipping instructions to the losing activity. T-ASA will also provide disposition instructions to the losing unit for excess equipment that is not claimed by the end of the suspense date.

Itís essential that an accurate condition code be assigned to all equipment prior to it being reported as excess to T-ASA. This equipment is redistributed directly from one activity to another based on the reported condition code. The credibility of this program is a direct result of the losing activityís ability to correctly identify the condition of each piece of equipment.

Gaining activities must provide a Transportation Control Number or Document Number for shipping purposes only and are responsible for all shipping costs. The gaining activity must also provide a Point of contact (POC) name and telephone number.

Equipment Authorization/Accountability: The gaining activity is responsible for ensuring all equipment authorizations are valid and equipment accountability is provided.

Points of contact for the reporting of excess or requesting of excess equipment are as follows:

Mailing Address
Television-Audio Support Activity
ATTN: Reutilization Program
23755 Z Street
Riverside, CA 92518

Telephone Numbers
Phone: (951) 413-2533  DSN 348-1533
FAX (951) 413-2587  DSN 348-1587


Whether you are from the AFRTS or VI community, this program is yours to take advantage of in a time of shrinking resources, and when creative, cost effective equipment acquisition is a must.

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