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T-ASA’s Engineering and support team can assist our customers with:

T-ASA’s Engineering and support team can assist our customers with:

  • Technical Assistance in finding a solution to technical problems, developing a customer’s requirements, on site inspection of existing facilities or review of new construction drawings.
  • Site Survey, including the development of initial equipment/system recommendations, cost estimates, and construction support requirements.
  • Engineering and development of original system designs to satisfy unique facility or customer requirements.
  • Project Engineering/Management during life cycle of the project including development of a complete system Bill of Material (BOM).
  • Program Management for on-going requirements.
  • CAD Drawings. T-ASA currently utilizes AutoCAD 2000 to provide customers with state-of-the-art sketches and as built drawings. Floor plan and system diagrams are provided on all projects.
  • Installation and integration of systems (including final testing and operator training.)
  • Engineering Services Contract (ESC). T-ASA can utilize its Engineering Services Contract to provide any range of services, from a site survey, to acquisition of a full "turnkey" via a contractor when necessary. We develop a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) and provide technical evaluation of contractor proposals, project oversight, and system acceptance testing.

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